Modest Street Style #2- Jerusalem

Tali was born in Jerusalem, though her parents come from Ethiopia. She grew up in a religious home, so it comes natural for her to dress modestly and she really loves to. She told me that you don’t always find exactly the kind of clothes you are looking for, but when you find that special piece you are so happy! Her jean dress is from the Israeli store @renuar_fashion.


Sisters Noa and Ayala. Caught them quickly before I jumped the bus!


Chaya Sabag, Headwear Designer. More to come in an additional post about her beautiful headwear designs with sustainable and natural fabrics such as wool and bamboo.


Loving Liraz’s (on left) long, high-waisted vintage denim skirt, I had to ask her where she bought it. She told me she buys a lot of her clothes at a secondhand store in Shilo where she lives.(A bit far for me😉, oh well). Cherit(I believe was her name) on the right lives in Nitzan in the south and kept saying her sweet friend Liraz has the best clothes.


Gilda looked so put together on a regular weekday afternoon going grocery shopping. I especially loved her black, leather hat, which of course was not purchased in Israel, but in Borough Park, Brooklyn.


img_7318 (1)
Yael, our sweet babysitter. I ran into her one afternoon when I was running late to get home from work. The bus was delayed, tired from the night before after waking up a few times with little Tehila 💤 👶 Basically wanted to #crash. But then I met Yael at the bus station also trying to get home (she’s in 12th grade)…which turned into a great distraction and conversation about life, religion, creativity, modesty…then right before the bus came I remembered to take a picture of her for Modest street style! She always looks sweet, casual, happy…good energies! (I was definitely more a moody and less confident 18 year old). She said it’s hard for her and her friends to find the modest clothes they like in Jerusalem and tend to head to Tel Aviv to Dizengoff Street to the small shops there. Looks like this theme is multi-generational when it comes to finding the right clothes…


Mai, 18 and originally from Tel Aviv, is currently studying at a Mechina program in Jerusalem. I loved her casual, almost winter dress and asked her where she bought it…of course in a second hand store in New York, not locally😮(New York is the best place for second hand I know! Jerusalem is trying but it will take time because two of our best second hand stores recently shut down😂). She told me she doesn’t technically dress modestly but she was cold on this particular day. I loved this “modest look” on her and would love a dress similar!

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