Eyebrow Threading in Jerusalem

(*Note on April 24, 2018. Nisreen unfortunately no longer works at the Frida Brow Bar, but for good reasons. She gave birth to a second child 😀. I still highly recommend trying out Frida Brow Bar and exploring other threaders there who do an amazing job.)


The phone number to the Frida Brow Bar in Jerusalem’s Malcha Mall is 054 8118711.

Original Post from April 19, 2017:

If you Google “eyebrow threading in Jerusalem“, my post from 2011 on cafeavra.org comes up on the first page, and even though at #10, half of those posts are talking about Tel Aviv.  I basically write there that I think I might have found (through friends) one of the only women who does eyebrow threading in Jerusalem, because most people (still) do wax.

I got hooked on eyebrow threading from the days I was graduate student at The University of Manchester in the UK, and I used to go to “curry-mile” to the various Indian and Pakistani threading salons. Maybe it was the fine use of the thread, or they just knew how to make my usually boring eyebrows look beautiful and arched…it was a stark difference to wax. Both in feeling and in the final results.

I continued with threading in New York (mainly at the Yuva Threading Salon where all the women who worked there were extremely talented) and in Nairobi, Kenya where I lived for a half a year before I made Aliyah to Israel. There I found another wonderful Indian woman in the Westlands Mall.

All of a sudden I arrived to Jerusalem…and there was no one threading? It was a semi-crisis.

I couldn’t find any leads online so I basically gave up temporarily.

I had no choice but to go back to wax. I went into the closest salon I saw and I found a nice Russian Olah called Natali (who didn’t speak English and at the time my Hebrew was very poor) in the center of Jerusalem who has a small salon called “סגנון העיר” and happens to do waxing pretty well. I still go there from time to time if need touching up and I am in the area.

However, by a small miracle about a year ago, in the place I wasn’t even looking, I found the Frida Brow Bar in Malcha Mall. Right there in front of my eyes, in the 1 out of 2 Jerusalem malls. How could I never have passed it? The sign is even written in English.

There I got lucky. The first time I called they told me Nisreen was available and I said sure! Anyone who threads is good for me👍

Nisreen is a young, 20-ish Arab-Israeli from Beit Zafafa who was about 6 months pregnant at the time. She threaded my eyebrows so, so beautifully, just like back in the day! I couldn’t believe my eye…brows! (No pun intended here😀) What a small miracle after 5 years of waiting.

I understood she is a gem because when she was on maternity leave I tried a few other girls there who did a decent job, and they might be great for their regular clients and other eyebrow shapes, but Nisreen just has that talent for my specific brows to give them the arch they desperately need!

Nisreen at the Frida Brow Bar in Malcha Mall

Now Nisreen is back from maternity leave and my brows are looking better than ever! She is very sweet and I hope to profile her more in depth day on the blog. She has a very interesting story, and I know her mom is a teacher at the Hand and Hand School in Jerusalem (one of the only mixed primary and secondary Jewish/Arab schools in Israel) and she also went there.


The phone number to the Frida Brow Bar in Jerusalem’s Malcha Mall is 054 8118711.

Just as a note here…one of the many reasons I started Modest Jerusalem is I want to create a resource for English speakers here in Jerusalem on a variety of lifestyle and motherhood references that are sometimes hard to access if you don’t read Hebrew. Or if you do read Hebrew moderately like me, but sometimes it is very difficult to do Hebrew Google searches and find what you are looking for.

Some of these resources have been, for example, finding a birthing class, a doula, prenatal yoga, daycare, quality clothing stores, quality home goods, etc. The list goes on and many of my go to places and people I couldn’t find on the English web. I am working simultaneously on a few posts as I write this one.

Thanks again for reading. 🙂


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