Jewish Deli Cookies and Back to Blogging

Hi to all my readers, it is so nice to be back to Modest Jerusalem.

The feature image above is my amateur attempt at Jewish Deli Cookies, but I will first try to make you smile with the more beautiful and professional cookies below, before I backtrack on the past few months.

Jewish Deli Cookies (Picture from Pinterest)

Of course, in many hard or traumatic situations, you never really know that they are coming. They just hit you full force, you dive deep into the crisis, and you must take time to heal and recover. Back in July when our son Natan, then 18 months, got a virus similar but stronger than the Chicken Pox, with a week in the hospital and a lot of recovery time, both physically and mentally, I never thought to stop blogging but all my creative energy just crashed.

I found not just handling the sickness difficult, but having to handle a lot of the small pieces of the puzzle in Hebrew, when all you want to do in a time of crisis is use your Mother Tongue.  The Mother in the “Mother Tongue” here suddenly was an eye opener. I truly appreciate and love that I can speak and understand a second language, Hebrew,  with all its beauty and holiness…but in those moments,  I just wanted my mother…my mother tongue. That familiarity, that way you ride a bicycle without thinking. The comfort and feeling of home. (And my mother of course, she came about a month later and brightened us up).

In those moments I cried often and I wanted my language. Hebrew, in any medical way spoken, just hurt the wounds more. Any doctor or nurse who spoke English in the hospital and thereafter was a comfort to my ears and was part of the healing.

So thank gd a few months have passed and Natan is back to his gan, back to his usual busy self of waking up early and running his morning laps around the house. Physically and mentally he is almost healed, and spiritually as a family we are doing much better. My relationship with Hebrew, especially used in medical terms,  has more or less healed, and I can go back to discovering  and appreciating more of the language.

(Thank you to everyone who was around to help us in every small way during those hard moments.)

So where do the Jewish Deli Cookies fit in?

Jewish Deli Cookies. (Picture from Pinterest)


I grew up with a family all born and raised in Brooklyn (my parents and grandparents), even though my generation grew up in central New Jersey. From the earliest I could remember we frequented Jewish Delis, in particular Jessie & Davids in Manalapan, NJ which unfortunately closed down maybe 5 years ago.  But Jewish Deli cookies….covered in sprinkles and filled in those beautiful glass cases when you walked in the deli. What young Jewish child didn’t wait for the minute until the meal was over to pick some out!

So a wonderful kosher blogger and instagrammer called Chef Chaya posted on Tuesday a recipe for what she called “Confetti cookies” , but to me they will always be Jewish Deli cookies!  The recipe was simple (you can find in on her post) so I made it immediately when I got home with our 4-year-old Ovadia, who (who knew?) loved rolling them in the sprinkles. I only had chocolate sprinkles on hand, so next time we will do Rainbow, at Ovadia’s request.

Our not so professional, but full of love Jewish Deli Cookies.

The cookies were like my Mother Tongue. Brought me a taste of home, warmed my heart and my soul just enough to get me back here, to Modest Jerusalem. To get back to my creative energies, one small piece at a time.

Thanks for reading and hope to be sharing more stories, recipes, street style and small daily life observations as the weeks go on, b”h.

Here is the recipe for the Jewish Deli “Confetti” cookies in case you don’t have Instagram (with metric conversions). 

(*I halved this recipe. It made me the 20 cookies above. Next time I will make them smaller.)

What you need:

2 ½ cups flour

1 Tsp. baking powder

½ Tsp. Salt

225 grams butter or margarine

1 cup Sugar

2 eggs

2 Tsp. Vanilla Extract


  1. Preheat Oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  2. Combine all ingredients, except sprinkles.
  3. Form batter into balls.
  4. Roll balls in sprinkles to cover.
  5.  Place balls onto lined cookie sheets spread apart.
  6. Bake for 22 minutes.


Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom to all from Jerusalem:)


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