Pesach Music Playlist for Children

Two weeks until Pesach! On one side the mood is exciting and fresh. Ovadia, our 4-year old is getting ready preparing the four questions and Natan, our 2-year old is trying to understand what is going on with all the pyramid pictures and the little baby Moshe.

On the other side the stress is coming. How will manage to clean the whole house in time? The shelves and clothes. The kitchen. The windows.

But somehow, like every year, it miraculously happens (usually). But not without a lot of hard, hard work.

Here is a small playlist of our favorite Pesach songs for children, in Hebrew, to lighten up the mood in your house and perhaps to keep your kids a bit busy while you are cleaning…

Wishing you all a very happy and kosher Pesach!

I will be back @ Modest Jerusalem with more posts right after the holiday 🙂


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