A New Journey-The Bernette Seville 4

bernette-Seville-4-4186Sometimes Facebook Ads can do wonders. I can’t remember when I first saw the ad for a Beginner’s Sewing Course at Bernina Israel’s Jerusalem location, on Agrepas Street near Machane Yehuda. But it came at a perfect time…I was becoming frustrated with not being able to find an affordable tailor, and not being able to shorten and lengthen sleeves, skirts, dresses, or even sew my own pillow case in a fabric of my choice. Shouldn’t using a sewing machine be a normal thing that we should know? I know it was in my grandmother’s generation. Why do I need to rely on finding always the perfect cut, the perfect material….especially in Israel where options are limited and costs are high.

I saw the ad maybe a year ago, but the class was in the evenings at 7:30pm and I was still breastfeeding Natan to sleep, and he was falling asleep at around 9, so I thought okay, I will do the next course, or the one after. It was about 10 sessions.

About a month or two before Pesach, they posted a new class was opening. I probably was the first to sign up…Natan was off breast milk, my evenings were free, my husband was ready to take on the two boy’s full night schedule once a week…in any case, they had to extend the class until after Pesach because they didn’t have enough participants…the next class would open May 8th. (Coming up soon! 🙂 )

But that is not the story. The story is…on International Women’s Day Bernina Israel posted on Facebook that they were doing a competition, and not a raffle. They were giving away a free sewing machine, and to win you need to write what woman/women has given you inspiration to sew.

So I thought…you know, I never win these contests, although I apply to many. But why not…I did make that video for International Women’s Day back in 2011 which complements where I first understood the basics of making clothing from scratch…here is what I wrote…

“I am inspired more by women I met while volunteering and traveling in East Africa, especially Congolese Refugees in Uganda who made their own clothes by hand with beautiful and bright fabrics. Congolese culture tends to be quite artistic and are known for their music and fabrics. Those who made it to Nairobi Kenya where I was based, some had sewing machines and with one refugee we made laptop cases and small bags(like lesportac style). She did the sewing and I helped with the design. I’m inspired by the entire process of where materials are from and how a sewing machine can elevate this process. All those women inspired me and I just remember now I made a small movie about them in 2011 when I made Aliyah to Israel for international women’s day. I will find the link in a few moments and post here. Thanks for listening. ”

And…here it goes….

I won!

Can you believe it? I found out erev Pesach that I won this beautiful Bernette Seville 4….which is now sitting beautifully in my closet until the course starts…wish me luck and I look forward to keeping you posted on this new journey…it was a small Pesach miracle. b’h.

Ovadia  is enjoying the colorful Bernina Store on Agrepas Street in Jerusalem.

Just incase you are interested, here is the link to Bernina’s Facebook Page in Israel.


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