Jerusalem Day of Diversity

With Yom Yerushalayim/Jerusalem Day approaching this upcoming Sunday (May 13th), I would like to put it out there, that there are many ways to show your love for the city on this day.

In recent years, a variety of events have been happening around the title of “Jerusalem Day of Diversity” or an “Alternative Jerusalem Day”, to highlight and appreciate the diverse population of the city. Most of these events happen along the Light Rail on Yafo Street, but there are many sprawling up across the entire city.

The video above is from one of these initiatives back in 2014 that I filmed/edited with my husband Rami, in collaboration with the wonderful, community-based artist group Muslala. The idea was to set up a few chairs near Binyan Klal/Davidka Light Rail Station on Yafo street, and invite anyone passing to come sit, talk and eat some nuts and fruit. And that was how Jerusalem Day was spent. Talking to Jerusalemites. (The film ended up being exhibited at the Jewish Museum Hohenems in Austria from May 10, 2015-Feb 14, 2016.)

This year, all the events (in Hebrew) are under this facebook page,

For English speakers, here is a pdf with all the English events: Jerusalemite-Day-of-Diversity


יום ירושלמי: יום האחר /يوم مقدسي: يوم الآخر / Jerusalemites Create Jerusalem Day 2018

“Jerusalemite Day of Diversity invites you to bring forth our everyday Jerusalem, Jerusalem of diversity. Together we will re-claim Jerusalem Day via a variety of activities designed to promote tolerance, which will light up the city, and we will show everyone that Jerusalem is the tolerance capital of the world. This is the day for activities by Jerusalemites, for Jerusalemites, and about Jerusalemites, to echo our varied voices and make them heard loud and clear.”

Perhaps I will see you around!

We will try to make it to Muslala:

Sunday | All Day | Prints in Paint | Muslala and Kfar Shimon

An exhibit which opens a window to the rich and unique world of the artists from Kfar Shimon – a residence for people with autism.

Muslala Porch, Klal Building, 97 Yaffo St.

And in our neighborhood of Katamon:

Sunday | 17:30 | Orchard Path

Studio of Her Own – A discussion with the artistbehind the street art of Elisha Ben Abuya, and returning “the other” to the society. There will be a storyteller for kids, as well!

Antigonus Garden by the Butke, 26 Antigonus St

Have a wonderful Jerusalem Day however you decide to celebrate this wonderful city.







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