A Calming, Ayurvedic Tea for Pregnancy and Postpartum

I recently visited a friend who just gave birth and in addition to bringing her these Moroccan Halva Cookies to snack on between feeds, I made sure to go to Anise and buy her Yogi’s Women’s Tea.

When I was pregnant with my second son Natan, although I was drinking my daily dose of raspberry leaf tea with a bit of nettle (I would do 3/4 raspberry leaf and 1/4 nettle), which I knew was great for toning the uterus before birth and I believe helped me in my first birth…the tea wasn’t doing anything for my nerves about giving birth for the second time, or how motherhood would be with a 2 year-old busy toddler running around while I was hoping to try to breastfeed the new baby and keep the house in order.

Somehow in my 8th month of pregnancy in the final closing of Eden’s natural market in Malcha Mall ( it was a recommendation of my doula that it was closing and everything was very reduced!)  I came across Yogi’s Women’s Tea on sale. Yogi Tea’s are very popular in America, but it was the first time I came across them here in Israel.

I read the box which says” Ayurvedic blend with ginger, orange peel and chamomile flowers.”

It was winter at the time and the blend sounded just about right, so I took a box home to try out.

This magic tea got me through those last weeks of pregnancy, postpartum, and until this day.  Anytime I have stressful and panicked moments of motherhood I try to find a second to sit down, drink my tea with limited distractions, and I really feel much better and clear. It doesn’t matter summer or winter. It is like taking a long, deep breath…in a tea.

My mom also started drinking the tea with me when she came to visit after Natan was born, and took back with her a few boxes to New Jersey. She, like any normal woman, has bursts of anxiety and also claims it calms her nerves.

Here is what they write on their website about the tea:

“Women’s and men’s bodies are different. In the ancient yogic texts, it is written that a relaxed body and mind are very important for a woman. This wonderful, aromatic herb and spice tea supports the feminine side of creativity and inner balance. A delicious blend of ginger, orange peel, angelica root and Ayurvedic spices, this unique tea helps support balance and harmony in the natural cycles of life. The essence of this tea is: ‘Deep compassion’.”

The only place I have found this tea is at the Anise stores in Jerusalem.  I am sure you will find it at Anise stores all over Israel.

If you happen to find the tea at any other store besides Anise in Israel I would be happy to hear where.

Happy drinking😀And if your pregnant B’sha Tova!


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