First trip without the kids. Nahsholim Beach (חוף נחשולים)

Back in the day, a trip for me and my husband, or even for each of us before we were married had many conditions….minimally needed to be abroad! And for me, I loved far away, long flights and a developing country preferably. But of course, as all my fellow parents here know, once the family grows things change, the concept of time changes, how much you are willing to sacrifice energies, money, etc.

Not saying we won’t go abroad again (we recently visited my parents in New Jersey, and afterwards to Art Basel Miami with our kids-oh a very challenging trip, though beautiful at times. I hope to post more about it at a later date) but for now we want to enjoy the beauty of Israel within a few hours drive.

In any case, my husband surprised me one day and said, leave the Thursday after Pesach (Passover Holiday) open and we are going for one night on a small vacation and….leaving the kids with Safta(Grandma) Chana. (My husbands’s mom. My parents don’t yet-hoping one day) live in Israel).  Now we never left our kids before overnight…not that I was against it, but my natural instincts are as many mothers…but they are still young (3 and 1)…maybe its too much, etc. But my husband did the right thing and booked it without asking me and he said he couldn’t cancel.

And then, of course , for all of you who have made this “leap of faith” and left the kid’s at Grandmas….oh it was great! 24 hours of…being a couple:) So so important to reconnect and enjoy , ONE day, on our time!

So for any of those interested in a short trip in Israel, we went to Nahsholim Beach (חוף נחשולים). There is a small village style hotel, run by a Kibbutz, kosher, on a cove-style/natural beach, just after Zichron Yakov…about an hour and 40 minutes from Jerusalem.  Just far enough and just close enough. Beautiful scenery, sounds( there are so many shells along the water that when the light waves brush up against the coast and back, the shell’s moving sounds like peaceful glass–am I explaining how peaceful it was? There was also this amazing green algae growing on the rocks which (soon you will know how I like to experiment and utilize natural materials) I collected and want to use for some natural face products. Post on this to come…

It was just…easy. Thursday morning we dropped the kids at gan, got there in the early morning, enjoyed the beach and the views, rested, had a wonderful dinner, enjoyed the next morning’s calm breakfast and early afternoon on the beach, stopped on the way back at an Arab vendor for gifts for the kids, and voila…back by 4pm and Shabbat gets in now at 6:30pm:)  Just like that, a bit of time together, but long enough to just miss my kids, and couldn’t wait to kiss them when I got back. (And the big gift of water balloons for our oldest, Ovadia, didn’t hurt!).

Check out the Nahsholim website here.


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