An ode to my Mountain Buggy Duet

An ode to My double stroller! The Mountain Buggy Duet. My second(or even let’s say primary) mode of transportation. What would I do with out you? You get me from place to place at a steady pace. You perform miracles such as two busy boys falling off in a deep sleep. You fit through doors, elevators, narrow Jerusalem streets and entrances. You are a 4by4. I can take you to the beach, the forest, the mountains, the desert if needed. You never let me down and calm my motherly anxieties. Your strong, sturdy yet graceful and kind.

Oh Mountain Buggy you are a true wonder 😀👩‍👦‍👦

Although I ordered mine on Amazon the last time I was in America, this magic stroller is available in Jerusalem at Chasdei Shmuel.


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