The Israeli Designer Amanda K’s Swimwear 

Oh that moment I (used to) dread. Going to the beach with my husband’s family, or a group of friends and wanting to stay צנוע(modest) because I stopped wearing regular bathing suits (for personal and religious reasons), but at least wanting to look like a normal human being on the beach and not having to either 1) stay in my clothes and sweat like a monster in the sweltering Israeli summer and avoid the water or 2) wear a loose fitting shirt and skirt/loose pants that stick to my skin and make me feel like a wild teenager.

(There is some Ultra-Orthodox swimwear available in the more Haredi neighborhoods, but….no…just ” לא מתאים לי”. Lo Matim Li…let’s say…doesn’t work for me).

But then, a miracle happened to me about 3 years ago. I saw (actually in a Hebrew magazine, though I couldn’t read so well the text) an article about local, modest swimwear. And there they were…Amanda K’s bathing suits.

Simple, functional, stylish, two pieces…a t-shirt or a 3-quarter length shirt…and a normal length skirt until just at my knees, just like I wear everyday. I thought…this can’t be? This exists?  I called them right away and went to their store(it happened to be off season, maybe around April ) which was then on Yehuda Street in Baka….they have now moved to the trendy Emek Refaim street.

They didn’t have any shirts left, but they had skirts so I immediately bought a blue skirt and it saved me for that entire summer….I had to wear a t-shirt with it, but in any case that summer I was pregnant so it worked out for the best.

Yehuda Street, where they were based, was kind of a hassle for me get to by car or by bus so I never ended up going back. I more or less accepted the t-shirt and Amanda K skirt duo.

Then, last year I went to visit my husband at one of his cafes where he likes to work at on Emek Refaim Street and I saw it..Amanda K! Moved to Emek Refaim!  I immediately went in, again in the off season, and this time they had a short-sleeved shirt that I think was patiently waiting for me to buy.

The best thing about the shirt is that it looks like a regular shirt and dries fast, so I can go and come to the beach with the shirt. I prefer to wear the bathing suit skirt just on the beach, and wear a jean skirt off.

Basically what I am trying to say is…I love Amanda K’s bathing suits! They changed my life. I can go to the beach and enjoy the water in a comfortable and confident way.

And here is me last August in Tel Aviv, first with the kids (wow they grew up so much since then) and then leaving the beach in my Amanda K bathing suit top and a regular jean skirt.



Here is Amanda K’s website. I believe they are just getting in their Summer 2017 bathing suits now.

*Picture of Amanda K swimsuits above taken from

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