Easy DIY for Toddlers: Painting winter leaves with Ikea’s MÅLA Paints

Now that Ovadia grew up (well turned 3) I can finally do all my art project ideas through him😮 Well not exactly, but in the same way I love picking up second hand finds on the street, I also love to pick up Jerusalem’s natural beauty on the way. Now I have an excuse to do arts and crafts again…in an eco-friendly way?

It was a chilly January morning but I went to take a short run at the Mesila Park( the old Jerusalem train track park which goes from the First Station, through Baka, Talpiyot, Beit Zafafa and ends at the Malcha Train Station) on my day that I work from home. All of a sudden I look up at this beautiful tree and see these enormous leaves on the ground.

So I picked up a few and thought…let’s use those amazing IKEA paints we just bought (I am in love with IKEA in Israel for many reasons you will come to understand as time goes on).

And just like that, we put a bit of newspaper down on the table, painted for a half hour or so, and voila …fun afternoon and a nice way to feel the winter spirit in the house. Ovadia had an amazing time, and you see Natan in the background munching on a pear and watching his brother. I tried to paint a little with Natan, but he wasn’t ready yet. Maybe in a few months.

*Note, make sure to paint the non-glossy side of the leaves because the paint will stick and dry better.

These paints cost 50nis. Link to Ikea’s Israeli Store.


*This DIY was done this past January 2017.

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