Design Inspiration-India Mahdavi

I am not sure the first time I saw the design’s of Iranian born Parisian India Mahdavi, but I was immediately drawn into her unique designs, bright color palate and personal story.

She designs both large scale projects in hotels, restaurants, and boutiques,  as well as what she calls her “Petits Objets” like the chair you see above.

I sent an email to her studio right away to see how much the Candy Chair costs (I had a small dream of sitting with friends around the table having coffee in these chairs, or perhaps one day when I might have a garden…), however they were a bit over my budget 😦 Perhaps one day! It’s tagged as a bookmark for now.👍

Do check out her website for inspiration and a smile.

And I was so excited that Garance Dore did an hour long interview(podcast) with her which she called “Technicolor Memories: India Mahdavi”.  I loved it, and hope you will too. I definitely want to buy her book next time I get to an English speaking country!

Click here for the  the link to interview and the podcast.

*Picture above of India Mahdavi’s Candy Chairs, picture taken from her website.


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