Glass Recycling has arrived to Jerusalem Neighborhoods

It is finally here!  Thanks to Tamir Recycling and the Jerusalem Municipality, glass recycling stations are now spotting up around Jerusalem.

I spotted my first this past Sunday on HaPalmach Street in Katamon, on the corner of Nili Street, next to the Co-Op Supermarket and Anise Teva store.

*Please comment on the blog post with others you have found. I am currently trying to get a proper list (#bureaucracy)😉, but in the meantime I will start to list them all at the end of the post.


If you haven’t read my recent posts about Recycling in Jerusalem and talking to Amanda Lind of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), the main question I got from my readers was wanting more information on glass recycling in the city, because there were no stations around, there is a lack of information, and many people just drop their glass containers next to the plastic recycling cages. You only get a deposit back at the supermarkets for beer bottles and most wine/grape juice bottles.

We really need to thank Tamir Recycling  for their commitment to recycling all materials and their educational initiatives for children. They have wonderful marketing and both interactive and printout games. Most require none or limited Hebrew.

This is a link to their interactive game for i-phones.

Check their website here for print-out games for children and here for coloring pages.

Until I get a proper list of all the stations (#bureaucracy), either from Tamir or the municipality, please do comment below with any other’s you have found.

Glass Recycling Stations in Jerusalem ♻️

Old Katamon: 44 HaPalmach Street, corner of Nili.



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