Israeli Singer-Songwriter Playlist

I am happy to launch the Modest Jerusalem YouTube Channel with a playlist of my favorite Israeli Singer-Songwriters.

Link to Playlist

This is a great mix for a long walk or car ride, while cooking, or wherever else you might like to listen to slower paced, but uplifting music.

The artists I included are Evitar Banai, Alma Zohar, Erez Lev Ari, Eti Ankri, Idan Amedi, Shuly Rand, Ehud Banai, Idan Raichel, Boaz Bani and Mooki.

If you are learning Hebrew or are curious about Israeli music, this playlist is a great place to start.

Alma Zohar and Boaz Banai’s songs are great for Hebrew Beginners. They both have a great mix of fun, uplifting tunes and slower, soulful ones. Erez Lev Ari and Idan Amedi sing so beautifully I can’t get enough of their music.  Evitar Banai and Eti Ankri are full of soul and meaning. Mooki’s “Yeled shel Aba” (That’s Dad’s Boy) makes me smile and sing along (and our 3 year-old Ovadia loves to sing it as well). Shuly Rand is overall an amazing artist. He is also the lead actor in the famous 2004 Israeli movie Ushpizin which I highly recommend seeing if you haven’t. Ehud Banai is already an Israeli legend and Idan Raichel is known for his worldly, Eastern sounds into his music.

Enjoy the playlist and discovering the wonderful music of these artists.

(*For those abroad, I would have loved to use Spotify but unfortunately they are not yet available in Israel 😂). For now YouTube will have to do.

Happy Listening 🎶

(*The photo above I took of Alma Zohar at a World Refugee Day Event in Tel Aviv, 2011)


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