Where to get a Compost Transport Bin in Jerusalem

First, hi! I’ve missed you Modest Jerusalem. (I haven’t posted since the summer, I know). I have pretty much accepted with love that I have months where I have plenty to create and give out into the world, and months where I need to re-center and focus on balance and receiving creativity.

Now back to composting! You might have followed me along my journey of beginning to Recycle in Jerusalem, then speaking to Amanda Lind of the Society of the Protection of Nature in Israel about all my questions, and then listing Jerusalem’s first Glass Recycling Centers which are now popping up more than I can keep track of.


Now I finally just got my compost transport bin! (As you see I am very excited about it.) I think my family is finally ready to commit to highly reducing how much of our fruit, vegetable and other compostable waste we put in the regular garbage bin. According to my conversation with Amanda Lind, vegetable/fruit waste makes up more than 40% of our garbage bins in Israel.

It was really important for me to get this specific type of compost transport bin with its extremely useful handle. How else would I be able (with a baby in one hand) to smoothly bring a bin down three flights of stairs and to the main compost site in my immediate area on a weekly basis? Not an easy task.

The best part is that it’s subsidized by Mahapach Yarok”- Jerusalem’s Composting Initiative”, and costs only 20nis.

So what do you need to do to get one?

Get in touch with Moran at Mahapach Yarok  at 054-6650187 or email her at info@compost.org.il

She will arrange for you a time to come to Ginot Ha’Ir which is at the Beit Yehudit building on 12 Emek Refaim where you can directly purchase your bin for 20nis, or sometimes they can arrange to drop one off in your neighborhood.

Moran will give you more information on where your closest compost drop off point is in your neighborhood or how to arrange one for your building if there isn’t one in the immediate area. (They look similar to the pictures below).

She will also reinforce most of the information in the flyer below. Basically what you can compost and how to correctly put the waste in the compost bins.


Wish me luck in my composting journey and I will send you the same energies back! I hope to get my kids involved as much as possible.

Also, if you are interested in joining a Facebook community in Jerusalem who regularly share ideas and experiences about recycling, composting and zero waste, please join Zero Waste Jerusalem to continue these types of conversations.



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